Drain Service Inc.

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Welcome to Drain Service Inc.

Drain Service Company Inc. is a professional commercial drain sewer maintenance and repair company providing full-service technical consulting, on-site training, drain design and maintenance.

Drain Service Company Inc. is a direct distributor of RootX™ and Bio-Clean™. These two environmentally friendly products save you money and time by clearing away buildup using non-intrusive methods.

Drain Service Company Inc. is also launching the innovative DRAINSAVERS™ line of waste water filtration systems. Our flagship release of this product line is an insert suitable for sinks and mop basins. Our patent-pending system prevents sediment build up in your branch and main drain pipe that leads to costly maintenance. The system provides an effective, economical and versatile assembly to filter debris from waste water.

Drain Service Company Inc. provides practical solutions that save you money.